Glass tenant directory in London office building

Glass tenant directory board.


(ref: Ely Place)


A single glass sign panel

with satin black vinyl graphics

and frosted crystal sandblast effect vinyl laminate to rear, all mounted on satin chrome decorative spacer


Bespoke freestanding notice information board

Freestanding Notice.




A bespoke, stainless steel, freestanding sign with a removable panel that can be changed to suit changing requirements

Etch window graphics / safety manifestations applied to glass

Window Graphics


(ref: 87 New Cavendish Street)


Window graphics including sales signs for retail, decorative vinyl graphics and safety manifestations

Interior Signs

Stainless steel cut out letters in office in Cornhill

Stainless steel lettering.


(ref: 14 Cornhill)


Individual cut out brushed

stainless steel lettering

mounted to stone wall behind reception desk.

Bespoke health and safety sign fire action assembly sign

Bespoke Safety Signs.


(ref: NationalGrid)


Bespoke safety signs that give a much higher quality finish to high end buildings when compared to off the shelf items

Interchangeable surved frames with satin edge that can be updated

Curved Frames




High quality frames with a removable front that allow insertion of signage to display required information

Rod / Cable and glass tenant directory

Rod and glass directory sign.


(ref: South Park)


the glass and rod system incorporates strength into elegant support lines and utilises small clamps to secure glass panels into your specified


Facilities management CCTV sign

Facilities Management




We provide an extensive list of services for facilities management companies, including bespoke CCTV signs, directory signs, estate signs, amongst others

Rear illuminated glass sign with concealed LED light panel

Illuminated Signage


(ref: Reward Gateway)


Illuminated signage has many applications in retail and office, both internally and externally