Large industrial / science park estate signage

Estate Signs


(ref: Trilogy, Concorde Way)


Large industrial estate sign that can be easily updated with new tenant or agents details and is clearly viewed from distance while in a vehicle

Exterior 3D logos and lettering letters

3D Logos and Letters


(ref: J Crew, Regent St)


3D, bronzed lettering on spacer fixings, fixed to the stone fascia of a retail store. Several different styles can be used for this signage.

Bronzed 3D fascia lettering / numbers

Bronzed Signage


(ref: 84 Regent Street)


Bronzed, 3D fascia letters / numbers on spacer fixings



Exterior Signs

Facilities management CCTV sign

Facilities Management




We provide an extensive list of services for facilities management companies, including bespoke CCTV signs, directory signs, estate signs, amongst others

Bronzed exterior name plate at office building

Name Plates


(ref: Suncor, Little Argyll St)


Bronzed exterior name plate for exterior use at an office building



Regent Street bracket with bespoke panel and lighting trough W1

Regent Street, W1


(ref: Juicy Couture, Regent St)


A bracket exclusively for use in Regent Street, made and painted to the correct specification. Can be both illuminated and non-illuminated

Retail park signage with easily updated panels

Retail Park Signage


(ref: Reading Retail Park)


Large retail park signage that can be easily updated and is clearly viewable from distance while in a vehicle or on foot

Exterior illuminated signage with LED lighting

Illuminated Signage


(ref: Tibits, Heddon St)


3D lettering and logo, backlit with individual LED modules